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Links section

As I hate endless lists of links that is doubtfull one will use, I will not just make dummy listing of my bookmarks. Instead, I will try to provide some links that represent my tastes and at the same time may be usefull to some people.

1 Free software

In case you are a Windoze user and would like to try some free software in your every day work, you should give the followings a try.

  • Mozilla FireFox : A preety cool web browser with neat features. Some of them are the tabbed browsing, its advanced pop-up blocking and its small size. But, most of all, FireFox is FAST!
  • OpenOffice.org : OpenOffice.org is the M$ Office alternative of the free software community. It's fully compatible with it (well, almost) and has some great features. Its zero price is the smallest of its advantages, as it is the first time that an open source and free program manages to strike M$'s office suite so hard!

2 Fantasy art

As a true J.R.R.Tolkien fan for many years, I am keen on fantasy art. I will publish links to some of the bests sites around in the next few days. Till then, for those of you Tolkien fans who don't know it yet, here is my suggestion:

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