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Gallery section.

Currently, I have not prepared many photos to publish in this page, but as more will come the interface will change. Untill then, here are the first collection of photos using a draft "interface".

1To access my movies collection, go here . It is based on mediamate.

2 A bike show in Athens on Sat, 4 October, 2003, featuring GMO. Photos were taken by my using my *cheappy* digital camera. So, expect low quality here.

Mag00001.jpg Mag00002.jpg Mag00003.jpg Mag00004.jpg Mag00005.jpg Mag00006.jpg Mag00007.jpg
Mag00008.jpg Mag00009.jpg Mag00010.jpg Mag00011.jpg Mag00012.jpg Mag00013.jpg Mag00014.jpg
Mag00015.jpg Mag00019.jpg Mag00020.jpg Mag00021.jpg Mag00022.jpg Mag00023.jpg Mag00024.jpg
Mag00025.jpg Mag00027.jpg Mag00028.jpg Mag00029.jpg Mag00030.jpg Mag00031.jpg Mag00033.jpg
Mag00034.jpg Mag00035.jpg Mag00036.jpg Mag00037.jpg Mag00038.jpg Mag00039.jpg Mag00040.jpg
Mag00041.jpg Mag00042.jpg Mag00043.jpg Mag00044.jpg Mag00045.jpg Mag00046.jpg Mag00047.jpg
Mag00048.jpg Mag00049.jpg Mag00050.jpg Mag00053.jpg Mag00054.jpg Mag00056.jpg Mag00057.jpg
Mag00058.jpg Mag00059.jpg Mag00060.jpg Mag00062.jpg

3 ATTIKO TRAIL RIDE 2005 by 0-300 and OFF-ROAD.GR, on Sunday, 30 January 2005. Most of the pictures and all videos were recorded with my mobile phone, apart from "fin_on_river" which is recored with an Olympus digital camera (many thanks to gorgorofteros for sending it to me).

start1 start2 start3 start4 start5 start6 start7 start8 start9
finish1 finish2 finish3 finish4 finish5 finish6 finish7 finish8 finish9 finish10
start_video1 start_video2 finish_video3 (require .3gp player. Try quicktime)

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